Providing scholarships to eligible students is the most common way to make an impact on the life of a Cowley student.  The Foundation provides hundreds of scholarships to students throughout the year. The scholarships we offer are the result of gifts from generous donors, alumni and businesses.
Why Are Scholarships Important?

cowley college graduatesYou may not realize how critical scholarship support is for many of our students. Although Cowley College is just a fraction of the cost of a university, it’s still difficult for many students to afford. Your contributions mean that students can attend college for less out-of-pocket expenses and graduate with a two-year degree.

Scholarships help students focus on what matters, learning. Students that have to work while attending school to meet financial demands often struggle with academic success. Your contributions help fill the gap for students that fall between high and low income levels. Students that don’t qualify for need-based financial assistance or don’t meet criteria for merit-based scholarships, can receive Foundation scholarships.

Scholarships teach our students the importance of “giving back.” Often, recipients of scholarship funds become philanthropists themselves when they are financially able.

How Much Can A Scholarship Help?

The type of scholarship established by our donors largely determines how much assistance can be provided to students. For example, if a donor establishes an endowed scholarship, we invest the funds and disburse a percentage of the earnings each year to provide the scholarship.

As a donor, you can also establish an annual scholarship in which you have the opportunity to make a gift each year and 100% of your contribution is given directly to students. For example, if you wanted to give $1,000 per year, we would match a student (or students) who meet the criteria you establish and provide them with your scholarship.

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