Alumni We’ve Heard From

Edward Galle, Class of 1948, and his wife, Genevieve (Goff), live in North Oaks, MN. The couple have been married 65 years and have four children, Pamela Galle 59, John Galle 58, Diana (Galle) Sanny 57, and Judi (Galle) Davidson 54. They also have 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Edward spent 38 years as a food processing engineer at Pillsbury and has spent retirement as a volunteer with Compatible Technology International. He and Genevieve have traveled to 45 countries and have done volunteer work in Central America, Caribbean, and five West African countries, using local crops to alleviate hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.

Bernard Smith, Class of 1948, lives in Norwood, N.Y. He recently turned 87 and has fond memories of attending Arkansas City Junior College when it shared classroom space and a few teachers with Arkansas City High School.

Paul Kiser, who attended Cowley College in 1967-68, and his wife, Bonnie, reside in Manassas, VA. Paul plans to retire at the end of 2014. Following retirement, Paul and Bonnie plan to either continue living in Virginia, or possibly move to one of the Carolinas.

Karen Goatley, Class of 1970, and her husband, Gary, who attended Cowley from 1967-1969, live in Arkansas City. Karen is retired from teaching and recently took a trip to Paris, Versailles and the Chelsea Flower Show in London. The couple’s granddaughter, Mariah, is a fourth generation to attend Cowley.

Selami Sehsuvaroglu, Class of 1976, and his wife, Rose, live in Nice, France. The couple have three children, Severine Gracieuse 40, Douglas Leigh 29, and Christopher Anthony 20. After graduating from Cowley College, Selami earned a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Kansas State University in 1978. He then received a State of Texas Professional Engineer certification in petroleum engineering in 2000. He has been a Society of Petroleum Engineers certified Petroleum Engineer since 2012 and is a director at MX Consulting Limited.

Jamie (Dempsey) Perkins, Class of 1986, lives in Winfield, KS. She is the office manager for Farmer’s Insurance Group, where she has been employed the past 16 years. She has two sons, Cody 25, and Colton 17. Cody graduated from Cowley in 2011 and has two daughters, Alexie Noelie 6 and Ella Ann 2.

Jessica (Childers) Black, Class of 1998, and her husband, Jeremy, live in Augusta. The couple became Ordained Ministers on October 10, 2006. Jessica also helps coach tennis for Special Olympics for the ARC of Butler County and is an advocate for a special needs child. She also is a research developer in the fields of Child Development and Human Relations. The couple have a daughter, Briannica 14.

Kyle Reeves, Class of 1994, and his wife, Janette Reeves, live in Gilbert, AZ. Kyle is a national sales director for Innovative Auto Finance and Janette works in the nursing field. The couple have three children, Vanessa 16, Bailey 7, and Ashlynn 5.

Brian Jacoby, Class of 2001, and his wife, Nicola, live in Wichita, KS. Brian is a manager at the Sherwin- Williams store in Derby, KS.

Andrew Ebert, Class of 2008, and his wife, Jackie (Hutchinson), Class of 2008, live in Park City. The couple have two children, Jackson Noah Ebert 2 and Fisher Reed Ebert, born Nov. 26, 2013. Andrew was a Cowley ambassador and a work study for the college’s Computer Services Department. Jackie was the photo editor and advertising manager for the Cowley Press student newspaper. She was also president of CCF and PAWS and was a student ambassador during the 2007-2008 school year. Andrew earned a master’s degree in management information systems from Friends University and has been employed at The Coleman Company since August 2013. While, Jackie earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational management and Leadership from Friends University. Jackie’s mother, Terri Hutchinson, is the admissions secretary/coordinator of campus tours at Cowley College.

Eric Brown, Class of 2010, and his wife, Serena, live in Winfield, KS. The couple have six children, Michael Brown 26, Brent Edwards 25, Mikey Bowman 23, Zeb Brown 23, Koral Bowman 21, and Gunnar Brown 2.

After serving two tours of duty in Iraq, Eric returned to Cowley College in 2009. Anthropology instructor Chris Mayer peaked Eric’s interest in anthropology and he went on to graduate magna cum laude from Wichita State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He is employed as a lieutenant
(corrections specialist II) at the Winfield Correctional Facility. His son, Zeb, is currently attending Cowley.

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