Students, donors attend Foundation Scholarship Reception

Click image for photo gallery of the Foundation Scholarship Reception.

More than 100 individuals filled Cowley College’s Earle N. Wright Community Room Tuesday evening for the school’s seventh annual Foundation Scholarship Reception in which incoming students receiving endowed scholarships were brought together with the individuals who donated money to fund the scholarships. The event was sponsored through a generous gift from The Trust Company of Kansas.

Cowley College’s Endowment Association awarded scholarships worth over $120,000 to students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Dr. Kori Gregg, vice president for institutional advancement, Lena Watkins, Foundation Coordinator, and Lisa Grose, scholarship coordinator, helped make the evening a success. While, Foundation Board president Mike Munson also helped with the event.

Dr. Gregg served as the emcee for the evening.

“This is a chance to honor our scholarship students who make outstanding contributions to our college and meet the incredible donors who make the scholarships available to them,” Dr. Gregg said.

Several Cowley College Foundation Board members and school administrators were on hand to celebrate the students receiving scholarships. While, food and drinks were provided by Great Western Dining.

Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle told the students in attendance that it is nice to have donors that are investing in them.

“As you think about the donors that are investing in you, make sure you are a good investment for them,” Dr. Rittle said. “That is the reward for the donor and the reward for the student is having someone out there that believes in them.”

Cowley College 2016-2017 Endowment Scholarship Reception Recipients:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Scholarship
Simion Melly

Elizabeth Northcutt Scholarship
Madelynn Mill

Warren Andreas Scholarship
Christopher Johnson

Ark City Clinic Scholarship
Amanda Krook

Boyer Education Trust Scholarship
Gage Burkes
Justin Haist
Dylan Jones
Ciara Wiley
Gabriel Yonash

Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship
Samuel Barron
Alicia Pack
Connor Churchill
Dokanie Reyes
Ethan Clum
Madison Wolfe
Kim Wong

Derek Burroughs Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Potter

Mildred F. Carpenter and Marie Vickers Scholarship
Tabitha Adams
Delaney Lockard
Jacob Fiedler
Glendy Ortiz Mendoza
Sara Hizar
Kenia Rucoba
Juliana Karagianis
Thristian Young

Kirke Dale Memorial Trust Scholarship
Demi Ames

Edith and Harry Darby Scholarship
JC Pappan

Marion Deal and Jacqueline Deal Scholarship
Emily Brownfield

Duck Dash Scholarship
Dallas Herren
Lane Bruce
Gabriela Baeza

E.A. Funk Scholarship
Riley Gatton

Hall of Scholars Scholarship
Joyce Bloyer
Ashley Huslig
Ashlynn Brake
Tori Nye
Jordyn Foley
Aimee Schwintz
Tanner Helm
Kelsie Whitcomb
Erica Ybarra

Eli Hilderbrand Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Belcher

Hubert and Mildred Johnston Scholarship
Kyndal Dutton

John and Olive Kappler Scholarship
Abigail Wilson

Warren R. Kelley Trust Scholarship
Brock Blubaugh

Clay and Betty Lemert Scholarship
Sydney Potter

Scott MacLaughlin Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Coryea
Steven Lu

Patrick J. McAtee Scholarship
Julian Cornejo

Craig D. Newman Memorial Scholarship
Bryce Ledford
Chandler Light
Kyle Wright

Gertrude Newman Scholarship
Madelynn Mill

Patton Wholesale Scholarship
Taylor Ternes

Donald and Wilda Patterson Trust Scholarship
Levi Cole
Riley Provo
Felipe Escalante
Abbey Weston
Jacob Nichols
Ty White
Abigail Wolf

L G Pike Construction Scholarship
Brett Hartman
Micha Henman

Larry and Carlla Pike Scholarship
Simion Melly

Shanks Family Jodi Sanderholm Memorial Scholarship
Bryanna Hess

David and Peggy Soule Family Scholarship
Glendy Ortiz Mendoza

Dan Spangler Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen Hankins

Donald Springer Memorial Scholarship
Gunner Johnson

DC Stark Scholarship
Courtney Wallace

Florence Stephens Scholarship
Katlyn Russell

Robert and Helen Storbeck Scholarship
Andrew Potter
Keely Rocha

Lawrence and Lorene Swaim Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Looney

Theatre Production Staff VJ Wilkins Scholarship
Kristin James

TNT Scholarship
Joyce Bloyer

Betty Todd Scholarship
Sidney Potter

Bea Wright Scholarship
Alyssa Looney
Anastassiya Shvilko

Captola Yust Scholarship
Levi Cole

Zeller Motor Company Scholarship
Tim Meek