Scholars and donors take part in scholarship reception

Donors, along with first time scholarship recipients, packed Cowley College’s Earle N. Wright Community Room on Tuesday night as part of the annual Cowley College Foundation scholarship reception.

The event, in its ninth year, brought together first time scholarship recipients with the community members, donors and alumni who donate money to the foundation in support of scholarships. The reception has continued to be a success and is held each year thanks to a generous contribution from the Trust Company of Kansas, which has been the event sponsor from the first year.

Over the course of the evening, the Foundation awarded 146 new scholarships to first time scholarship recipients for the 2019 fall semester.

Attendees were welcomed by Cowley College’s vice president of institutional advancement Dr. Kori Gregg and Foundation Board vice president John Sturd. Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle also spoke at the event as did Cowley College student Kendall Ray, who was recently named the September Student of the Month and is the recipient of the Warren Koeller Title III Scholarship.

Lena Spencer, Cowley College Foundation coordinator, and Lisa Grose, scholarship coordinator, were also on hand to ensure the event was a success.

Dr. Gregg thanked the donors in attendance for their generous support to student scholarships. She also congratulated the students on receiving their scholarships.

“The Cowley College Foundation Board and staff always look forward to this event,” Dr. Gregg said. “It gives us the opportunity to publicly recognize all of the outstanding students who have received a Foundation scholarship for the year. More importantly, it provides a place where students and donors can meet. It is important that our students are able to put a face to a name, to understand that there is a real person behind each and every award that believes in them and is willing to financially assist them toward their college education. It also provides a connection for the donor and the opportunity to hear from the students firsthand how their contributions have changed their lives. This human element adds a level of realness for both students and donors.”

During the scholarship presentation, Lena Spencer had the audience answer trivia questions about Cowley College with a chance to win prizes.

Cowley College 2019-2020 Foundation Scholarship Reception Recipients:

Ark City Tumbleweeds ScholarshipLillian Toon
Ark City Tumbleweeds ScholarshipFrancis Herring III
Barkley ScholarshipJoshua Dudley
Barkley ScholarshipJamie Young
Barkley ScholarshipDanielle Pease
Bea Wright ScholarshipJacob Dodge
Blue Cross Blue Shield ScholarshipCade Dvorak
Blue Cross Blue Shield ScholarshipPatrick McGee
Boyer Trust ScholarshipChloe Easterly
Boyer Trust ScholarshipGrey Hatfield
Boyer Trust ScholarshipChandra Pourner
Boyer Trust ScholarshipCamryn Ricke
Boyer Trust ScholarshipHattie Staley
Boyer Trust ScholarshipLyndsey Turney
Boyer Trust ScholarshipKileigh Peninger
Boyer Trust ScholarshipChloe Wilson
Boyer Trust ScholarshipJaiden Yonash
Buel Beck ScholarshipHailey Imel
Carpenter Vickers Memorial Trust ScholarshipJordan Bruntz
Carpenter Vickers Memorial Trust ScholarshipMaria Edelman
Carpenter Vickers Memorial Trust ScholarshipTaylor Jayne
Carpenter Vickers Memorial Trust ScholarshipAutumn Nottingham
Chad Speer Memorial Automotive ScholarshipTrenton Vesta
Clay & Betty Lemert ScholarshipKyler Hamed
Clay & Betty Lemert ScholarshipJordon McNown
Conrad & Janet Jimison ScholarshipDanesa Ramos
CornerBank Title III ScholarshipMyka Badley
CornerBank Title III ScholarshipEmily Mill
Daniel & Audra Stark Title III ScholarshipDevin Mendoza
David & Sheree Utash Title III ScholarshipTyler Bingham
David & Sheree Utash Title III ScholarshipAshley Shields
Deborah Smith ScholarshipHailey Imel
Deborah Smith ScholarshipJordan McNown
Dewell Family ScholarshipSkyla Dean
Donald & Wilda Patterson ScholarshipThomas Jimenez
Donald & Wilda Patterson ScholarshipCarlos Castillo
Donald & Wilda Patterson ScholarshipLeticia Belloni
Donald & Wilda Patterson Title III ScholarshipMoises Goncalves
Dr. Gwen & Lu Nelson ScholarshipShannon Rhodes
Dr. Gwen & Lu Nelson ScholarshipKristina Trillo
Dr. Robert Morton Memorial ScholarshipKayLynn Prough
Duck Dash ScholarshipChloe Bringer
Duck Dash ScholarshipCathryn Burton
Duck Dash ScholarshipChailyn Dickinson
Duck Dash ScholarshipHannah Golay
Duck Dash ScholarshipJavier Gonzalez
Duck Dash ScholarshipAne Ibarra
Duck Dash ScholarshipGeorgina Kaindoah
Duck Dash ScholarshipKayla Noear
Duck Dash ScholarshipFernando Orihuela
Duck Dash ScholarshipMoises Sosa
Duck Dash ScholarshipJonathan Strachan
Duck Dash ScholarshipAbigail Weathers
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipJennifer Martinez
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipAnthony Nava
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipAntonio Marra
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipKiera Rader
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipRay Keady
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipLucas de Oliveira Mauro
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipAlexandrea Shiever
Duck Dash Title III ScholarshipTakalani Malaoa
E.A. Funk ScholarshipEllie Boatman
E.A. Funk Title III ScholarshipPayton Milner
Edith & Harry Darby ScholarshipTressa Dugas
Eli Hilderbrand Memorial ScholarshipAudrey Jones
Eli Hilderbrand Memorial ScholarshipFrank Reid
Eli Hilderbrand Memorial ScholarshipMartika Spore
Elizabeth Northcutt ScholarshipRachel Green
Florence Stephens Trust ScholarshipAbigail Weathers
Gene and Donella ColeDakota Kerner
George and Betty Sybrant ScholarshipSkyla Dean
Hall of ScholarsBlake Harnden
Hall of ScholarsKailee McCoy
Hall of ScholarsJayden Palmer
Herrin Family Education ScholarshipMaggie Kierl
Hubert & Mildred Johnston ScholarshipHaley Lough
Hutchinson Trust Title III ScholarshipAlaina Graves
Hutchinson Trust Title III ScholarshipChloe Shook
Hutchinson Trust Title III ScholarshipCatherine Shelton
Jean Newman ScholarshipHaley Smith
Jim Kelly Memorial ScholarshipHannah Postier
Jim Kelly Title III ScholarshipCaitlyn Lewis
Jim Kelly Title III ScholarshipSheyenna White
John DeVore ScholarshipJoshua Butler
Kirke Dale Memorial Trust ScholarshipTeresa Harris
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipBlaze Cramer
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipSamantha Creek
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipLynette Curnett
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipKaitlyn Godberson
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipRacheal Huser
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipTrevor Leggett
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipFrank Reid
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipThayane Silva Leal
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipPayton Schoenfeld
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipKrystina Tiger
Larry & Carlla Pike ScholarshipCherilyn Trostle
Linda Barnes Memorial ScholarshipHunter O’Toole
Lyle & Terry Eaton ScholarshipVladyslav Bondarchuk
Marion & Jacqueline Deal ScholarshipBandi Jowers
Marvin & Anita McCorgary Title III ScholarshipJoshua Montgomery
Mary Hobart Hutchinson ScholarshipAngelica Ramirez-Barrios
Menefee Family Title III ScholarshipSpencer Bosley
Menefee Family Title III ScholarshipAngelo Cabral
Menefee Family Title III ScholarshipDarryl Rylant
Menefee Family Title III ScholarshipKaylee Self
Menefee Family Title III ScholarshipEric Woods
Miller Family ScholarshipAlana Long
Palmer – Williams ScholarshipBritton MacLaughlin
Paton Wholesale ScholarshipHadley Botts
Paton Wholesale ScholarshipBraylee Heisler
Paul & Dorothy Johnson ScholarshipMegan Reynolds
Paul & Dorothy Johnson ScholarshipJadyn Wolf
Paul & Dorothy Johnson ScholarshipKimberly Wirtz
Richard Reeves Engineering ScholarshipDalton Penka
Richard Reeves Engineering ScholarshipConner Puckett
Richard Reeves Engineering ScholarshipBraden Struble
Rittle and Zang ScholarshipPayton Schoenfeld
Robert & Helen Storbeck ScholarshipJadon Jenkins
Robert & Helen Storbeck ScholarshipElizabeth Luttrell
Robert & Helen Storbeck Title III ScholarshipCameron Allen
Robert & Helen Storbeck Title III ScholarshipElizabeth Luttrell
Robert & Helen Storbeck Title III ScholarshipGail Russell
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipFelipe Abreu
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipFernanda Espinoza
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipAngelica Felix-Tomas
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipKatelyn Konklin
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipPol van Riet Miranda
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipLangdon Moore
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipLawrence Mapemba
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipRyan Petrie
Robert Brown Memorial ScholarshipLori Whitford
Robert Lawson ScholarshipLindsay Hood
Shanks Family / Jodi Sanderholm MemorialTrevor McDowell
Soule Family ScholarshipKaren Rodriguez Reyes
Thomas Vincent Simpson Memorial ScholarshipBritton MacLaughlin
Tony Buffo Memorial ScholarshipJessica LaBlue
Warren Andreas ScholarshipBrandi Jowers
Warren Koeller Title III ScholarshipAllison Nellis
Warren Koeller Title III ScholarshipKendall Ray
Warren Koeller Title III ScholarshipShae Richardson
Warren Koeller Title III ScholarshipCale Sackewitz
Warren Koeller Title III ScholarshipAlexandria Torres
Warren R Kelley Trust ScholarshipJillian Gordon
Warren R Kelley Trust ScholarshipAnastasia McCaskey
Warren R Kelley Trust ScholarshipHanna Abou-Faissal